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Inter\view - Zin Latt Shwe from Myanmar
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Zin Latt Shwe - Myanmar
ⓒJun-ki Hong

1.How long have you been rowing?

I started in 2004 because my brothers rowed and I was interested in having a go. All my family are involved in Myanmar traditional rowing.

2.How old are you? How tall are you and how heavy?

I am 25 years old, 162cm tall and weigh 60kg.

3.What are your aims for the Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta here in Chungju?

I want to qualify for the Olympics.

4. Where do you hope to finish at the Olympics in London?

I was 22nd in Beijing so would like to improve on that result.

5.Who is your sporting hero?

Well I really admire the football team Manchester United.

6.What is your best result?

2nd at the 2007 Asian Games.

7.Will you continue after London 2012?


8.Do you have a family?

I am not married but have a boyfriend/(s)! All my family are very supportive of me and all row on the traditional rowing teams.

9.What do you think of the course and camp in South Korea?

It is a very nice course.

10.How do you find the food here?

It is good just sometimes too sweet.

11.Is rowing in Myanmar growing?

I think it is growing slowly but it is still not very popular. We have a 175 year history of rowing in our country it has been dominated by the military but it is becoming more popular as a sport within the universities which is exciting. There are under 100 rowers in the whole country and only 30 on the national team.

12.Do you get support from government?

Yes the rowing federation supports us we get a monthly allowance.

13.Does anyone in the Myanmar team work outside of rowing?

No we are all full time athletes.

14.What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to go visiting friends and traveling around seeing new places.

15.What do you think helps make you a successful rower?

Technique and good hard training!

16. What are facilities like where you train?

We row on a lake which is 3km long with a 1.6km straightish section in it. We have around 20 boats in total and 6 ergos as well as access to weights.

17.What’s your message for all the Asian countries competing here in Chungju?

Next year Myanmar is hosting the South East Asia Games so please everyone come!!


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